Volunteering with the Junior Committee

A young professional organization with one goal in mind: end Alzheimer's.

Volunteering with the Junior Committee

Why do we volunteer?

One of the core features of the Junior Committee is our commitment to volunteering. Each month, we take time out of our busy schedules to spend time with Central Ohio community members who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of

dementia. Many residents do not have family who can regularly visit, so our visits provide some companionship to keep them company.

Spending time together over a game, craft, or a meal is a great way to get acquainted. The opportunity to connect with people living with Alzheimer’s allows us to have a personal, positive impact on a regular basis.

For those who don’t have firsthand experience with Alzheimer’s, volunteer nights also help to understand more about dementia and how it effects people living with the disease, their caregivers, and families.

As advocates for ending Alzheimer’s, it’s essential to cultivate relationships with the people whose lives are most directly impacted by our advocacy.

Being a volunteer doesn’t take any special skills- all you need is your time and a smile.

Join us for our volunteer nights:

  • First Wednesday of each month, 6-7:30pm
    • First Community Village, 1800 Riverside Drive, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Fourth Monday of each month, 6-7:30pm
    • Glenwood Alzheimer’s Special Care, 6355 Emerald Pkwy.
      Dublin, OH 43016